The electronic proceedings for ISAIM 2008 are now available online (see below) and also as a ZIP file (18MB, last updated at 2:00 AM EST). To make use of the ZIP file containing the proceedings, you should do the following:
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Note that papers accepted at ISAIM 2008 are not published in formal proceedings and not subject to copyright restrictions. All authors retain the copyright to their papers.

List of Papers

Below, we provide the on-line proceedings for ISAIM 2008. The proceedings include links to papers accepted to the main technical program, papers by the Keynote Speakers, and papers by the invited speakers of the Special Sessions.

Papers accepted to the main technical program

  1. Estimating the Number of Local Maxima for k-SAT Instances
    Andreas Albrecht, Peter Lane, Kathleen Steinhoefel

  2. Hard SAT and CSP instances with Expander Graphs
    Carlos Ansotegui, Ramon Bejar, Cesar Fernandez, Carles Mateu

  3. More Flexible Term Schematisations via Extended Primal Grammars
    Vincent Aravantinos, Ricardo Caferra, Nicolas Peltier

  4. Formalising Interaction-Situated Semantic Alignment: The Communication Product
    Manuel Atencia, Marco Schorlemmer

  5. Scalable Action Respecting Embedding
    Michael Biggs, Ali Ghodsi, Dana Wilkinson, Michael Bowling

  6. A Lazy Approach to Online Learning with Constraints
    Kveton Branislav, Jia Yuan Yu, Georgios Theocharous, Shie Mannor

  7. Continuous-State POMDPs with Hybrid Dynamics
    Emma Brunskill, Leslie Kaelbling, Tomas Lozano-Perez, Nicholas Roy

  8. A Connection between Cantor-Bendixson Derivatives and the Well-Founded Semantics of Logic Programs
    Douglas Cenzer, Jeffrey Remmel

  9. An Interpretation of Consistent Belief Functions in Terms of Simplicial Complexes
    Fabio Cuzzolin

  10. Boolean and Matroidal Independence in Uncertainty Theory
    Fabio Cuzzolin

  11. Tradeoffs in Backdoors: Inconsistency Detection, Dynamic Simplification, and Preprocessing
    Bistra Dilkina, Carla Gomes, Ashish Sabharwal

  12. Paired Sampling in Density-Sensitive Active Learning
    Pinar Donmez, Jaime Carbonell

  13. Reinforcement Learning with Limited Reinforcement: Using Bayes Risk for Active Learning in POMDPs
    Finale Doshi, Joelle Pineau, Nicholas Roy

  14. Best-First Search with Maximum Edge Cost Functions
    P. Alex Dow, Richard Korf

  15. Sampling for Approximate Inference in Continuous Time Bayesian Networks
    Yu Fan, Christian Shelton

  16. A Fast Way to Produce Optimal Fixed-Depth Decision Trees
    Alireza Farhangfar, Russell Greiner, Martin Zinkevich

  17. Practical Methods for Exploiting Bounds on Change in the Margin
    Andrew Guillory, Jeff Bilmes

  18. Planning Aims for a Network of Horizontal and Overhead Sensors
    Erik Halvorson, Ronald Parr

  19. Rare Class Discovery Based on Active Learning
    Jingrui He, Jaime Carbonell

  20. Minimal Residual Approaches for Policy Evaluation in Large Sparse Markov Chains
    Yao Hengshuai, Liu Zhiqiang

  21. Classifier Utility Visualization by Distance-Preserving Projection of High Dimensional Performance D
    Nathalie Japkowicz, Pritika Sanghi, Peter Tischer

  22. Solving Structured Continuous-Time Markov Decision Processes
    Kin Fai Kan, Christian Shelton

  23. A Bayesian Approach to Cluster Validation
    Hoyt Koepke, Bertrand Clarke

  24. Leveraging Belief Propagation, Backtrack Search, and Statistics for Model Counting
    Lukas Kroc, Bart Selman, Ashish Sabharwal

  25. Combinatorial problems for Horn clauses
    Marina Langlois, Dhruv Mubayi, Robert Sloan, Gyorgy Turan

  26. Efficient Value-Function Approximation via Online Linear Regression
    Lihong Li, Michael Littman

  27. Approximate Solutions of Interactive POMDPs Using Point Based Value Iteration
    Dennis Perez, Prashant Doshi

  28. Order-based Discriminative Structure Learning for Bayesian Network Classifiers
    Franz Pernkopf, Jeff Bilmes

  29. A Successive Approximation Algorithm for Coordination Problems
    Marek Petrik, Shlomo Zilbertstein

  30. Approximation Techniques for Space-Efficient Compilation in Abductive Inference
    Gregory Provan

  31. Extending the Bellman equation for MDPs to continuous actions and cont. time in the discounted case
    Emmanuel Rachelson, Frédérick Garcia, Patrick Fabiani

  32. Predictive Linear-Gaussian Models of Dynamical Systems with Vector-Valued Actions and Observations
    Matthew Rudary, Satinder Singh

  33. On the Relationship between Hybrid Probabilistic Logic Programs and Stochastic Satisfiability
    Emad Saad

  34. Lifting Techniques for Weighted Constraint Satisfaction Problems
    T. K. Satish Kumar

  35. Probabilistic Sequential Diagnosis by Compilation
    Sajjad Siddiqi, Jinbo Huang

  36. Approximation Strategies for Routing in Stochastic Dynamic Networks
    Tomas Singliar, Milos Hauskrecht

  37. Using Abstraction for Generalized Planning
    Siddharth Srivastava, Neil Immerman, Shlomo Zilbertstein

  38. Building Incomplete but Accurate Models
    Erik Talvitie, Britton Wolfe, Satinder Singh

  39. Verifying RUP Proofs of Propositional Unsatisfiability
    Allen Van Gelder

Papers of the Keynote Speakers

Papers of the Special Session on Logic in Artificial Intelligence

Papers of the Special Session on Computation and Social Choice

Papers of the Special Session on Effective Exploration in Active Learning and Reinforcement Learning

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