The detailed program schedule for ISAIM 2008 is provided below. Please note that the length of technical talks will 30 minutes per talk, including five minutes for questions.

On-line copies of symposium papers are available on the Proceedings page.

ISAIM 2008 Schedule: Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

Track 1 - Salons B & C Track 2 - Salon A Track 3 - Salon D
9:00 AM Opening Session
Session Chair: Hoffman
Greetings by Dr. Phyllis Bebko, FAU's Assistant Vice President for the Broward Campus
Welcome note from General Chair (Golumbic) read by Conference Chair (Hoffman)
Note from Program Co-Chairs (Choueiry)
9:30 AM Keynote Speaker: Naftali Tishby introduced by Shlomo Zilberstein
Extracting Relevant Information from Samples
10:30 AM ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Coffee-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
10:50 AM Technical Session 1 Technical Session 2 Technical Session 3
Session Chair: Provan Session Chair: Kaminski Session Chair: Bochman
10:50 Reinforcement Learning with Limited Reinforcement: Using Bayes Risk for Active Learning in POMDPs
Doshi, Pineau, and Roy

11:20 Minimal Residual Approaches for Learning to Predict in Large Sparse Markov Chains
Hengshuai and Zhiqiang

11:50 Leveraging Belief Propagation, Backtrack Search, and Statistics for Model Counting
Kroc, Selman, and Sabharwal
10:50 Verifying RUP Proofs of Propositional Unsatisfiability
Van Gelder

11:20 An Interpretation of Consistent Belief Functions in Terms of Simplicial Complexes

11:50 Approximation Strategies for Routing in Stochastic Dynamic Networks
Singliar and Hauskrecht
10:50 Interaction-Situated Semantic Alignment: The Communication Product
Atencia and Schorlemmerormalising

11:20 Best-First Search with Maximum Edge Cost Functions
Dow and Korf

12:20 PM ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lunch On Your Own----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2:00 PM Technical Session 4 Technical Session 5 Technical Session 6
Session Chair: Remmel Session Chair: Cenzer Session Chair: Van Gelder
2:00 Approximation Techniques for Space-Efficient Compilation in Abductive Inference

2:30 More Flexible Term Schematisations via Extended Primal Grammars
Aravantinos, Caferra, and Peltier

3:00 Extending the Bellman Equation for MDPs to Continuous Actions and Cont. Time in the Discounted Case
Rachelson, Garcia, and Fabiani
2:00 Classifier Utility Visualization by Distance-Preserving Projection of High Dimensional Performance D
Japkowicz, Sanghi, and Tischer

2:30 Efficient Value-Function Approximation via Online Linear Regression
Li and Littman

3:00 Practical Methods for Exploiting Bounds on Change in the Margin
Guillory and Bilmes
2:00 Sampling for Approximate Inference in Continuous Time Bayesian Networks
Fan and Shelton

2:30 Solving Structured Continuous-Time Markov Decision Processes
Kan and Shelton

3:00 Combinatorial problems for Horn clauses
Langlois, Mubayi, Sloan, and Turan
3:30 PM ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Coffee-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
4:00 PM Technical Session 7 Technical Session 8 Technical Session 9
Session Chair: Conitzer Session Chair: Blair Session Chair: Japkowicz
4:00 Planning Aims for a Network of Horizontal and Overhead Sensors
Halvorson and Parr

4:30 Probabilistic Sequential Diagnosis by Compilation
Siddiqi and Huang

5:00 Rare Class Discovery Based on Active Learning

He and Carbonell
4:00 Boolean and Matroidal Independence in Uncertainty Theory

4:30 Building Incomplete but Accurate Models
Talvitie, Wolfe, and Singh

5:00 A Bayesian Approach to Cluster Validation
Koepke and Clarke
4:00 Lifting Techniques for Weighted Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Satish Kumar

4:30 A Connection between Cantor-Bendixson Derivatives and the Well-Founded Semantics of Logic Programs
Cenzer and Remmel

5:00A Successive Approximation Algorithm for Coordination Problems
Petrik and Zilberstein
5:30 PM ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Adjourn--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
6:15 PM -----------------------------------------------------------------------Walk departs to 6:30 water-taxi tour-----------------------------------------------------------------------

ISAIM 2008 Schedule: Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

Track 1 - Salons B & C Track 2 - Salon A Track 3 - Salon D
9:00 AM Keynote Speaker: David McAllester introduced by Fred Hoffman
Mathematical Problems from Machine Learning
10:00 AM ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Coffee-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
10:20 AM Special Session: Logic in AI, part 1 Technical Session 10 Technical Session 11
Session Chairs: Truszczynski and Kaminski Session Chair: Shelton Session Chair: Cohen
10:20 Hybrid Programs: Symmetrically Combining Natively Discrete and Continuous Truth-values
Howard Blair

11:00 From Hilbert's Program to a Logic Toolbox
Johann Makowsky

11:40 Exploiting Conjunctive Queries in Description Logic Programs
Thomas Eiter
10:20 Order-based Discriminative Structure Learning for Bayesian Network Classifiers
Pernkopf and Bilmes

10:50 Predictive Linear-Gaussian Models of Dynamical Systems with Vector-Valued Actions and Observations
Rudary and Singh

11:20 Tradeoffs in Backdoors: Inconsistency Detection, Dynamic Simplification, and Preprocessing
Dilkina, Gomes, and Sabharwal

11:50 Using Abstraction for Generalized Planning
Srivastava, Immerman, and Zilberstein
10:20 Estimating the Number of Local Maxima for k-SAT Instances
Albrecht, Lane, and Steinhoefel

10:50 Hard SAT and CSP instances with Expander Graphs
Ansotegui, Bejar, Fernandez, and Mateu

11:20 Continuous-State POMDPs with Hybrid Dynamics
Brunskill, Kaelbling, Lozano-Perez & Roy

11:50 Paired Sampling in Density-Sensitive Active Learning
Donmez and Carbonell
12:20 PM ------------------------------------------------------------Lunch On Your Own. (AMAI Editorial Board: lunch meeting)-------------------------------------------------------
1:50 PM Special Session: Logic in AI, Group Photo#)
2:00 PM Special Session: Logic in AI (cont)Special Session: Exploration in RL and AL  ܀2: Special Session: Exploration in RL and AL Technical Session 12
Session Chair: Poupart Session Chair: Cuzzolin
2:00 Explicit Logics of Knowledge and Conservativity
Mel Fitting

2:40 Integrating Answer Programming and Constraint Logic Programming
Michael Gelfond

2:00 Active Collaborative Prediction with Maximum Margin Matrix Factorization
Rish and Tesauro

2:30 A General Agnostic Active Learning Algorithm
Dasgupta, Hsu, and Monteleoni

3:00 Probably Approximately Correct (PAC) Exploration in Reinforcement Learning
2:00 A Lazy Approach to Online Learning with Constraints
Branislav, Yu, Theocharous, and Mannor

2:30 A Fast Way to Produce Optimal Fixed-Depth Decision Trees
Farhangfar, Greiner, and Zinkevich

3:00 Scalable Action Respecting Embedding
Biggs, Ghodsi, Wilkinson, and Bowling

3:30 PM ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Coffee-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
3:50 PM Special Session: Logic in AI (cont)#--̀,,S
4:00 PM Special Session: Exploration in RL (cont)
3:50 Stable Models and Difference Logic
Ilkka Niemela

4:30 A Mathematician Looks at Answer Set Programming
Jeff Remmel

5:10 Hyperequivalence of Programs and Operators
Mirek Truszczynski
4:00 Approaches to Bayesian exploration in Markov Decision Processes.
Precup and Castro

4:30 Bayes-Adaptive POMDPs: A New Perspective on the Explore-Exploit Tradeoff
in Partially Observable Domains
Pineau, Ross, and Chaib-Draa

5:00 Model-Based Bayesian Reinforcement Learning in Partially Observable Domains
Poupart and Vlassis
----------5:50 PM Adjourn---------- ----------5:30 PM Adjourn----------
7:00 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------- Banquet dinner in hotel, room Causeway 1-3 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

ISAIM 2008 Schedule: Friday, January 4th, 2008

Track 1 - Salons B & C Track 2 - SalonA
8:50 AM Greetings from Dean Gary Perry of Charles E. Schmidt College of Science of Florida Atlantic University
9:00 AM Keynote Speaker: Francesca Rossi introduced by Toby Walsh
Preference Reasoning
10:00 AM ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Coffee-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
10:20 AM Special Session: Logic in AI, part 2 Special Session: Social Choice
Session Chair: Walsh
10:20 Complexity of First Order ID-Logic
John Schlipf

11:00 SAT as a programming environment for linear algebra and cryptography
Marian Srebrny

11:40 A Non-Preferential Semantics of Non-Monotonic Modal Logic
Michael Kaminski
10:20 Comparing Multiagent Systems Research in Combinatorial Auctions and Voting
Vincent Conitzer

10.50 Complexity Issues in Preference Elicitation and Manipulation
Toby Walsh

11.20 Weighted voting games: manipulation, control, and computational complexity
Edith Elkind

11.50 Finding Consensus: What Can We Learn from Dodgson's Rule?
Arkadii Slinko
12:20 PM ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lunch On Your Own-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2:00 PM Special Session: Logic in AI (cont)$--਀&& Special Session: Social Choice (cont)&io���������K�࿎�࿨�������••2:00 Default Logic Generalized and S
2:00 Default Logic Generalized and Simplified
Alex Bochman

2:40 Comments on Logic and Knowledge Representation
Victor Marek

3:20 Discussion

2:00 Fairness and Efficiency in Multiagent Resource Allocation
Ulle Endriss

2:30 Optimality Conditions for Distributive Justice
John Hooker

3:00 Panel: Dealing with uncertainty
4:00 PM ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------End of Symposium-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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